About Joshua Stubbins

Often found in the workplace on the Washington, D.C. scene is Joshua Stubbins. His present area of work is in legal recruiting, however he comes from an impressive academic and professional career in law. Throughout his studies, Stubbins also got the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. These experiences inspired a greater passion for travel.

Joshua Stubbins has a special level of empathy for those living with disabilities. Through involvement with an organization known as SOCIL or the Southeastern Ohio Center for Independent Living, he aids in the establishment of services for people with disabilities. The goal of the organization is to provide individuals with the help they need to live independently.

Stubbins is a member to several other associations as well. The Cardozo Society is an organization catered to Jewish legal professionals. It explores specific contributions legal professionals can make to uplift the Jewish community. There are locations throughout the United States which also focus on improving their local communities. Many locations even partner with local universities to act as resources for current law students. The Cardozo Society has been known to offer a yearly mentor-mentee program to build strong networking between Jewish lawyers and law students. Joshua Stubbins also holds a membership in the American Constitution Society. Their mission statement focuses on “shaping debate, building networks, and making a difference.” Debate is used as a tool to raise awareness on important legal and constitutional issues. Building networks may include bringing together attorneys, law students, judges and policy makers dedicated to forward moving ideas. Lastly, making a difference means further shaping democracy.

Travel, the legal profession, and community building are important to Joshua Stubbins. Be sure to visit his multiple web properties, which will touch on each of these topics. More information can be found in the links area of this site.